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Hi, this is Alex Wasilewski, the founder of DowDaddy.com.

Our good friend Chipper had a great conversation with me just an hour ago.

Like most people, he had a goal of being a professional trader.  He wanted to  asked me to post my name on the site. He had some comments that I would like to share: Chip’s own words.

“I am enjoying this.” He understands that great things take time. He was aware that I am writing a memoir, and it doesn’t happen overnight. He said, “You have been writing that book for years.”

It seems that long, but I did start seriously writing the book when I got out of surgery on May 31st, 2019. 122,000 words so far.

Unfortunately, Chip never could see the value in taking a trading course. So he has gone back to working for a boss, making that person rich instead of himself. 

You can reach Chipper at 919-606-8558. I am sure he will enjoy sharing his thoughts on trading!!!

There are untold numbers of organizations providing day trading programs that provide some knowledge but do not guide you through the entire trading process, which may take months for some people.

We train you until you are a professional.

There are far too many who have tried to trade yet lose money, get frustrated and quit.

If you qualify and you are willing to be teachable, we will train you to be a successful trader or trader Coach who can join our team.

We will keep your training wheels on until you are capable, confident and effective.

There is no time limit to your training with us. You will know when you have it.

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By working closely with our team members our clients learn faster, show more confidence, correct mistakes easier and are able to make the transition to a successful track record. We invite you to learn more about how we achieve these goals — step by step!

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