Signals for 03/22/2021

Chicago Fed National Activity Index
8:30 AM ET

Jerome Powell Speaks
9:00 AM ET

Existing Home Sales
10:00 AM ET

Thomas Barkin Speaks
10:30 AM ET

3-Month Bill Auction
11:30 AM ET

6-Month Bill Auction
11:30 AM ET

Mary Daly Speaks
1:00 PM ET

Randal Quarles Speaks
1:30 PM ET

Michelle Bowman Speaks
7:15 PM ET

3/22/2021 8:11
High = 32867
low = 32401
Close = 32503
Pivot = 32590

Support = 32395
Resistance = 32799

Time of comment: = 3/22/21 8:12 AM
Daily trend still up. OK to look for exhaustion buy signals. Look to short near the 32550 area.


Numbers 01/26/2021

FOMC Meeting Begins 
8:55 AM ET
Case-Shiller Home Price Index
9:00 AM ET
FHFA House Price Index
9:00 AM ET
Consumer Confidence
10:00 AM ET
Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index
10:00 AM ET

1/26/2021 8:08
High = 31015
low = 30457
Close = 30868
Pivot = 30780

Support = 30799
Resistance = 31150

Time of comment: = 1/26/21 8:09 AM
Market held correction. Back to upside. Stay with trend. Fed announcement tomorrow.


Numbers for 12/18/2020

12/18/2020 8:07
High = 30248
low = 30062
Close = 30202
Pivot = 30171

Support = 30070
Resistance = 30285

Time of comment: = 12/18/20 8:08 AM

Volatility = 99.

Quad witching — options expiring. We will go with a breakout today, either up or down. Let’s end a great week of profitable trading.


First Day of vaccines

This is how we are trading it:

We are now trading the March contract–

Support = 29907
Resistance = 30309
Time of comment: = 12/14/20 7:48 AM
Buy market on pullbacks (85 points) into support. Vaccine starts today.


The FDA granted emergency authorization for a Covid-19 plasma treatment. Volatility = 95. Stay long. Next minor support is 28075.

We are long this morning.

Great Job Spyglass

Quiet trading. Congratulations Spyglass. The “accident” trade became an $800.00 winner

I made 70

Not how much money I made. On October 22nd, 2019 I made it to 70 years of age. Thanks to everyone who helped me get here. No thanks to the punk who tried to prevent that in 1972.

That clown shot me in the chest in Rio De Janeiro. This will all be in the memoir I am writing. It will be a blockbuster.

This week was a good one in the markets. We were very patient with Mr. Market. On Fed Day we traded in both directions.

Just when we thought the bearish reversal would keep going on Thursday, the Friday employment numbers told another story. Our prediction was down.

Our trading was to go long. It is OK to make a prediction. Just don’t trade them. Trade where the market is going. Better to be a follower than a leader.