Good recovery Mr. Market

We covered all shorts initiated on Friday. As we suggested, only the most well-funded accounts should have traded today from the long side.

If we can get the average true range down to 35 or so we can begin to trade normally.

Great job all.

Pullback vs Breakouts

Very quick reminder. If you are following the trend (Duhhh-up lately) it is ok to buy on a break out of resistance.

Pullbacks, when you get them are even better risk-reward trades.

But counter trend trades (shorts for now) have to be made just after a market is overbought. If you wait after the Dow goes down 50 points:


Can you say up….all day !

So we tried to poke the bear yesterday for a very short time and guess what he went back to sleep. Not sure when he will show up but for now it is still bull time…..

Rollar Coaster Ride

Do not get off Track…..So had huge opportunity on both side of the market today 75 pips down and a ride all the way back and more. Learn to get a good entry and stay on track.

Happy Hump Day !

Well today was an up all day affair ! Buy pullbacks and then sit back. If you know when to get in.. Learn the entry points and exit points… Classes forming in Stuart, Florida Nov. Call today 772-678-8705

Tuesday 10/17/2017

Great pullbacks today for some long trades. The market is in a strong up trend so as they say the trend is your friend. Though if you miss your entry it can be a losing proposition chasing the market. Learn from the Best at Dowdaddy training. Classes are forming now if you want an advantage .

Week rap up !!

So great week if you stuck to your plan. If you did not have one then you need to get one training !!! So we finished off the week with a nice set up this morning and you could have called it a day…. Question is did you ? 30 ticks two contracts $300 not bad for a few minutes….. Be Great

Tuedays 10/10/2017

Great market this morning ! One of the secrets to consistently winning is your mental plan. Go in with objectively identifying your edge (which they can teach you at set your risk and take money off the trade when it is available ( Move your stops) You can only make it a career with training and practice. It was plus day 135 tick @ $5 a tic.

God Bless Be Great

E-mini Market recap 10/15/2017

So for the 10% that make money because you have learned the discipline of the Dowdaddy traders today was a set-up and forget it day. If you use one of the discipline’s we teach you. You would have an entry at 22, 629 and could have rode that for 84 ticks to 22,713 for a profit of $420 just on one contact. Get a plan and stick to it. Today was a little patience and a plan. Great day. Classes forming soon