Joe Duerr Jr.


For the last 24 years Joe Duerr, Jr. guided his valued clients in their financial lives.


Whether it involved investing, insurance, estate, or financial planning, high net worth people turned to Joe for excellent advice.


His early career started in the entertainment business in New York City and for 6 years in the late 1980’s. He worked for the Sci-fi Channel in design and production.


At that same time, he traveled with an entertainment company called Dancejock Productions. They  organized, managed and entertained at corporate client events, i.e. Visa MasterCard, People magazine and Donald Trump’s Atlantic City Casino and many more.


He moved to Sunny Florida in November of 1994, earning additional financial licenses for security, insurance and mortgage sales, advisory and management.


For 5 years Joe Jr. worked for a Top National Investment Bank training the future members of the financial trading desks, highly recruited graduates of leading University Business Schools such as Wharton,  Harvard, and Columbia.


Since July of 2014, Joe has been completely devoted to a highly intense national training program designed to expand knowledge and skills in Leadership and Character Development.


Recently Joe and a few counterparts, after many years at other leading Investment Banks decided to pool their resources and create


The motivation grew from surveying the current state of the many web sites offering “Learn to Trade” advice for fees.


The partners were appalled at the lack of professionalism and downright incompetence of these mom or pop chat rooms.


Joe and his partners have over 75 years in expertise and training in day trading using the Proximity Coalition Method, understood and adapted by the most sophisticated traders. You will not find that kind of knowledge in the amateur chat rooms.


We teach, train and guide you to become your own boss and make trading a career, not a get rich quick scheme. We look to develop life long relationships and support others seeking to become professional day traders.


Honesty, Trust, Respect, Love . . .

. . . Are the cornerstones for all great and long lasting relationships, whether it be business or personal. Joe’s vision is to make people aware of these qualities and show them how they already have these qualities within themselves. Without this realization, we are likely to be holding ourselves back from getting what we say we want in life.


We are each allocated a limited amount of time in this life and there is no way to redeem time wasted. So stop wasting it. You can Experience real change!


Joe says, “I am a Dedicated, Joyful and Abundant Man”


 “I am now ready, prepared and excited to give back to the world, one person at a time, by sharing the knowledge of how to live life to the fullest, without regret, while sharing the realization of the sanctity of life.
I look forward to meeting you and working to help you to create the life you really want.”